Rhinelander Soccer Club

2019 Brings Reduced Soccer Fees to Rhinelander

Across the board savings for families

2019 Brings Reduced Soccer Fees to Rhinelander

Several noteworthy fee reductions include:

  • We have created a recreational soccer family max cap of just $90 regardless of how many players register.
  • We have reduced the traveling soccer volunteer deposit fee for families to just one $100 deposit fee to cover the entire family rather than on fee per player. 
  • Fall fees have not yet been set.

Most clubs fees continue to increase statewide because of the rising cost of referee charges and other natural cost increases. RSC was able to realize significant savings last year due in part to the new field maintenance system that we have been developing.

RSC will be holding concessions nightly and conducting a cash raffle this year to ensure that we can keep fees low and the game accessible to all. Your support of both is greatly appreciated. All proceeds support our mission of building a strong community by supporting our youth through the exciting game of soccer.