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2021 Registration NOW OPEN!

2019 Spring Travel Sign Up

2019 Spring Travel Sign Up

2021 Registration Fees

Maintaining Low Soccer Fees Continues at RSC

Across the board savings for families

Maintaining Low Soccer Fees Continues at RSC

Welcome to Recreational Soccer Registration for the 2021 Season. The two big changes that we are making this year is to A.) shift the season back to start July 6th and go through Aug 26th and B.) Registration groups will be going off of a school grade grouping rather than the birthdate system. This way schoolmates in the same grade will stay together, regardless of when they were born. Our...

Ball Sizes Per Team

Our Teams Are Set By Grade... Check the chart below:

Ball Size By Team Grade Level 

Team Age / Grade  Ball Size 
U4 Team (4K) #3
Kindergarten - 1st Grade #3
2nd Grade - 3rd Grade #4
4th Grade - 5th Grade #4


Soccer Ball Size Chart

Soccer Ball Size Chart

2021 Rec Soccer Photos

2021 Rhinelander Rec Soccer Photo Schedule

3 Dates This Year

2021 Rhinelander Rec Soccer Photo Schedule
*Payment is due at the time of pictures*

Thursday, July 22
5:30pm 2-3rd Grade, Timbers (Green)
5:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Dynamos (Orange)
6:00pm K-1st Grade, Bears (Green)
6:15pm K-1st Grade, Wildcats (Light Blue)
6:30pm K-1st Grade, Gophers (Gold)
6:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Rapids (Light Blue)
7:00pm 2-3rd Grade, Galaxy (Gold)

Tuesday, July 27
5:30 pm 4K Green and Gold Teams
6:00 pm 4K Blue and Red Teams
6:30 pm K-1st Grade, Badgers (Red)
6:45pm K-1st Grade, Gators (Orange)
7:00pm K-1st Grade, Lions (Blue)

Thursday, July 29
5:30pm 4-5th Grade, Barcelona (Blue)
5:45pm 4-5th Grade, Arsenal (Red)
6:00pm 4-5th Grade, Manchester (Orange)
6:15pm 4-5th Grade, Madrid (Green)
6:30pm 2-3rd Grade, Sounders (Blue)
6:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Red Bulls (Red)

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Soccer Dates

Summer Rec Soccer Dates:

Late Registration: Still Open (Early Registration Closed: June 6th)

Late Reg Fees: (+$15.00) apply 

First Game Day: July 15th 5:30 pm
(Games played every Thursday thereafter)

Final Registration...

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Join Us On Facebook!

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up today to help out at the Club!

Many opportunities exist to be a part of the growing soccer community in Rhinelander

Please consider donating time to help out with the ongoing maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of the club. 

Check out the options available at https://signup.com/go/TgregiA

Thank you for helping out with the upkeep of the fields and facilities!

Soccer Gear & Equipment

Soccer Gear - Be Prepared

What should we bring to the field?

Youth Soccer Gear: Basic Needs

The Basics

One of the great things about youth soccer is that it isn't an expensive sport. Here what your child will need:

  • Soccer cleats. Soccer cleats, or what...


Upcoming Events

Fall Rec Soccer

Fall Rec Soccer

Referee Clinics Scheduling Online - Click to view upcoming events around the state

Referee Clinics Scheduling Online - Click to view upcoming events around the state