Rhinelander Soccer Club

2021 Rhinelander Rec Soccer Photo Schedule

3 Dates This Year

2021 Rhinelander Rec Soccer Photo Schedule
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Thursday, July 22
5:30pm 2-3rd Grade, Timbers (Green)
5:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Dynamos (Orange)
6:00pm K-1st Grade, Bears (Green)
6:15pm K-1st Grade, Wildcats (Light Blue)
6:30pm K-1st Grade, Gophers (Gold)
6:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Rapids (Light Blue)
7:00pm 2-3rd Grade, Galaxy (Gold)

Tuesday, July 27
5:30 pm 4K Green and Gold Teams
6:00 pm 4K Blue and Red Teams
6:30 pm K-1st Grade, Badgers (Red)
6:45pm K-1st Grade, Gators (Orange)
7:00pm K-1st Grade, Lions (Blue)

Thursday, July 29
5:30pm 4-5th Grade, Barcelona (Blue)
5:45pm 4-5th Grade, Arsenal (Red)
6:00pm 4-5th Grade, Manchester (Orange)
6:15pm 4-5th Grade, Madrid (Green)
6:30pm 2-3rd Grade, Sounders (Blue)
6:45pm 2-3rd Grade, Red Bulls (Red)

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